What do Fantasy Football, Marketing Budgets, and Webcasting have in Common?

It’s the time of year when I should be finalizing my marketing budget for 2016, and instead I’m poring over my Fantasy Football team roster.  Can you blame me?  The playoffs start next week. Have any tips about my roster?

 fantasy football and webcasting

Fantasy football requires owners to make a lot of analysis and decisions. As do marketing budget decisions, and optimizing spend for programs like webcasting and online events.  In fantasy football, who has the best matchups? Is there a decent waiver wire pickup? Who is the next surprise star like Davonta Freeman or Gary Barnidge? How did my sure-thing first round pick Eddy Lacy turn out so bad? 

Translated into a marketing context, those decisions sound like… Which program is most likely to resonate with the target segment?  Can I spin up a program right now to meet year end targets?  Will that new campaign outperform expectations?  What can I do to cut my losses on that other dog of a campaign?  Whether fielding a fantasy team or are working with a corporate marketing budget, you have to make the right decisions to keep your team winning and your brand growing.

In fantasy football, there are tools to analyze your roster, trades, matchups and recommend which players to sit, start, add, or drop. As marketers, we have a plenty of data also.  I am pouring through mine now to decide which programs we continue in 2016, and which we drop.  If Freeman and Barnidge were marketing programs, I’d keep them.  The Eddy Lacy campaign would be discontinued.  Marketers want to make good bets that have a strong likelihood of paying off.

INXPO can help with your year end program analysis and budgeting via an assessment of your webcasting and online events spend. We cross paths with a lot of firms who are paying too much for what they are getting (like my Eddy Lacy pick).  The market for webcasting and online events has changed a lot in 18 months.  If you haven’t analyzed your spend recently, it’s time.

Here’s the offer.  We’ll analyze your webcasting spend of $25K or more and if we cannot beat it, you get a free webinar to see the difference for yourself.  Just for helping us do the analysis, you get a $500 Amazon gift card.  Check it out: http://www.inxpo.com/products/webcasting/best-webinar-platform/