It’s Video – What ‘Real Housewives’ and Marketing have in common

real housewives marketing inxpo

It pains me to connect my profession to the Real Housewives.  Forgive me fellow marketers.  I blame my wife. The show is on far too much at my home.

Here’s the connection.  Video has never been more popular in business. As both a marketer and consumer, you cannot dismiss the growing use and value of video in business communications.  From marketing lead generation via webcasts and content marketing that makes use of YouTube, to video interview platforms like HireVue that make the hiring manager’s job easier, and even upstart tools like Meerkat finding a role for micro-blogging and audience communication.  Let’s not forget the love/hate relationship with video conference systems.  Businesses are getting hooked on video.

Why is video ubiquitous? One reason is that video is more engaging and personal – and that’s good news for marketers. Take, for example, the phenomena of reality TV, with programs like “Real Housewives of…” (pick your locale). You can’t deny the attraction is in the viewing. Imagine if those stories were told instead in a written format. The audience would be minimal, if not nonexistent. It’s because the shows are in video format that people are so engaged. When it comes to the crazy antics of housewives, seeing is believing.

In a business context, stories told via video make a stronger connection with the audience. Marketers like me need to reach audiences and give them reasons to respond to our call to action and believe in our brand. Like my fellow marketers, I want to craft great content and messaging that capture the attention of my company’s customers. Video is an effective way to do that. Studies from sources including eMarketerForrester Research, and iMediaConnection prove the effectiveness of video for markters.

“Real Housewives” aside, we can’t help but want to watch video. Here’s a fascinating video (of course) that explains why, from Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., a leading speaker, author and consultant to major brands.

She has a deep understanding of the psychology of the consumer. In her expert view, there are four reasons we can’t help but watch video:

  • We are wired to focus on faces.
  • Rich information is conveyed by voice, beyond the spoken words.
  • Emotions are contagious, and passionate presenters evoke passion in viewers.
  • Movement holds or recaptures our attention.

Crafting great content and messaging takes effort, and the payoff is even greater when businesses use video to deliver them. Come to think of it, I should’ve turned on my webcam to share these insights…