What to Look for When Choosing a Webcast Provider

Selecting a webcast provider is a big decision, after all you are relying on this technology to bring your content to life. That’s why it’s important to pick a vendor that feels like a true partner in your event with the same sense of investment.

The most successful webcasts combine engaging features for effective communication, with the technology to back it up so glitches and hiccups are minor, if any.  Use our checklist as a reference guide on questions to ask and features you need when selecting your webcast vendor.

Technical Must Haves:

HTML5 – With Adobe Flash ending, it’s now very important to have HTML5 streaming for all webcasts. The bonuses are its plugin free and a more seamless experience for your attendees.

WebRTC for Low Latency – This one is key if you’re set on doing your webcast live. The RTC stands for Real Time Communication, meaning there is no delay in what you see on screen and what is happening in real life – not even by 5 seconds.

Adaptive Bitrate – Allow your video to adjust bitrate based on your viewers internet connection so that content is not sacrificed by buffering time.

Rehearsal Mode – This one is for the presenters. Make sure your vendor has a console that allows you to practice and preview all your content in the same way it will look once you go live.

Feature Must Haves:

Personalized Branding – This is the time for your brand to shine, so any opportunity to make the webcast look and feel like your own branded destination is key.

Multiple Media Sources – Having the ability to bring in multiple varying media sources open the doors for presenter flexibility and unique use cases. Your standard audio and slides webcast can now become a three-person panel discussion, or a mix of a live present with pre-recorded content.

Content Syndication – This feature is a must have if you’re looking to maximize ROI. Streaming out to social channels and OTT devices like Roku or SmartTVs increase both your reach and awareness.

Data & Integrations – Real time metrics on attendee behavior that map directly to your CRM platform, provides for easily lead scoring, follow up and tracking of program successes.

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