What’s happening with Adobe Flash?

INXPO STUDIO Eliminates need for FlashWe’ve all been there where we’ve just settled into the couch with our laptop to catch up on yesterday’s TV or at our desk about to watch a webcast, and then the flash error displays delaying you from getting you to your program. It’s miniscule in the grand scheme of things, but a great annoyance in the moment.

For years, our XPOCAST webcasting platform has used Adobe’s streaming technologies, including the Flash player plugin, to stream our video webcasts and online events. However, like most things in the technology industry to stay the latest and greatest in the industry you need to be ever evolving.

Over the past 18 months, the industry’s on-going security concerns around Adobe’s Flash Player has resulted in browsers ending their support of Flash, forcing organizations to find an alternative solution. Adobe themselves have stopped enhancing their Adobe Live Media Encoder in June of 2016, and plan to stop supporting Flash in the near future.

We look to stay ahead of the curve at INXPO because we want our customers to be like the first kid to get an iPhone when everyone else is still texting with T9 off a RAZR. Especially when it comes to growing security concerns, like Flash, it’s important to be prepared and have a more secure upgrade in place.

INXPO STUDIO, our newest HTML5 webcasting platform, eliminates the need for plugins, including Flash. We are proud to be the first pure HTML5 webcasting platform solution in the industry prepared to fully migrate customers onto STUDIO before the end of life of Flash.

To learn more about STUDIO’s broadcast quality webcasting capabilities or our HTML5 technology, watch our STUDIO product launch here or speak with us directly by emailing contactus@inxpo.com.