What’s so hard about change?

change_management77% of HR practitioners and leaders reported that their organization is in a state of constant change with priorities and strategies continuously shifting. Because change is constant, HCI believes in driving change through people rather than people through change.

In the latest HCI, Talent Pulse Podcast, Jane Behrends, Senior Director of Strategy, Change and Communications for Walmart dove into the topic of how to keep change from being too much, too fast.

When it comes to successfully driving change management, everyone in the organization plays a key role. The individual involvement of HR function, line managers, senior leaders, communications function and employees all have statistically significant relationships with the percentage of successful change management efforts.

It can be a lot to organize a whole organizations role in change, so HCI developed the ABCs of change management as a model of change competencies to be developed in managers and employees.

The Architect designs change. Using the principles of design-thinking to construct and to experiment with the change. He or she makes sure the resources and key players are secured.

The Broadcaster communicate changes with stories and data. He or she emotionally connects people to intention behind the work and opens dialogue between all parties in order to break down barriers. INXPO’s Internal Communication Video Portal provides companies with a secure interactive communication platform that is ideal for broadcasting change. The platform allows for live or on-demand video presentations which provide easy-to-consume content to build relationships. Some of the best communication practices come from the top leaders directly communicating with the entire organization, which can be done through INXPO’s Internal Video Portal. Chatting and polling features also open up dialogue possibilities so employees feel like their voice is being heard and understood about their own needs during the change.

The Coach, guides people through change. They are responsible for addressing the personal resistance to change in those affected by it and for holding people accountable for their part while rewarding successes along the way. According to the respondents surveyed, the capabilities of the coach are the least developed in most organizations and improvement is needed. INXPO’s virtual training platform allows for more effective change coaching by educating, tracking learning progress, providing certifications and rewards, while analyzing knowledge gaps. One survey respondent noted that an effective tactic to the coaching phase is giving out rewards or opportunities to win prizes. This creates a positive buzz around the change. INXPO’s gamification, badging and reward features boosts engagement from the trainees.

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