Why Digital Event Platforms Need to Support Mobile Experiences

why digital event platforms need to support mobile experiences
Pictured: The INXPO App on the iPhone.


The world has gone mobile. Has your digital event platform followed? I sure hope so. In my own household, we have two laptop computers (for work) and four mobile devices. Not surprisingly, we find ourselves using our mobile devices more than we do our laptops. And that’s in the home! Once we leave the house, of course, it’s all mobile, all the time (except when driving).

As you consider technology vendors for your digital and hybrid events, be sure to assess their readiness and support for mobile experiences. Your attendees will expect it (no, demand it), which means that if you don’t provide mobile, you’ll be left behind. Let’s consider what makes mobile so critical.

Becoming a Primary Computing Device

Many of us use a desktop or a laptop as our primary computing device. Designers and developers, especially, require the full keyboard and multiple monitors. In the C-suite, however, we’re seeing more and more executives turn to tablets as the primary computing device. Want an EVP, CMO or CEO to attend your digital event? Then you better have it work (and work well) on tablet devices and smartphones.

Anywhere Access

Remember the days when you couldn’t staff your digital booth because you were out of the office? Guess what? With mobile, you can access your digital event from anywhere. With your 3G/4G-enabled tablet, you can now staff your booth from any location that has wireless coverage (e.g. Starbucks, the gym, a hotel, the commuter train, etc.).

Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Leaders

Talk to a student today and they’re apt to label a computer as “uncool.” Instead, they text and Facebook from smartphones. These digital natives will become tomorrow’s leaders. So if you’re hosting a digital career fair to recruit this generation, be sure it’s fully enabled on mobile. Else, they won’t even attend!

Access from Face-to-face Events

If you’re using a technology platform to enable a digital extension to your event, it needs to be mobile-enabled as well. Mobile will extend your reach even further, including to the attendees of the face-to-face event! I’ve attended a few events at which the keynote session was oversubscribed. The venue provided spillover rooms, in which attendees could view the keynote on a large monitor. With mobile access, the “spillover” could occur on each attendee’s tablet device.

We Believe. In Mobile.

We put a big investment in our mobile capabilities in 2011. The initial feedback from our clients and partners has been enthusiastic and we’re pushing ahead to continually enhance the mobile experience. With our 10.5 Release coming out this Friday (04/27), we’re excited to announce a number of new features.

Local Language Selection

inxpo mobile local language selection

Did you know that our language support extends to the mobile experience? We’ve enhanced your profile menu to allow users to conveniently select the language of choice for the event.

Presentation Tracks

inxpo mobile presentation track selection

We’ve extended our Presentation Tracks capability to mobile, allowing you to create session tracks, just like you would for desktop users. Now, mobile users can conveniently browse the tracks you’ve created for your sessions and navigate to the sessions of most interest.


inxpo mobile survey capabilities

Mobile users can now participate in your event surveys. They’re easy to find and they’re easy to submit. So don’t be shy, survey that audience of your’s.


inxpo mobile event announcements

Announcements are a great way to “push” important information to attendees. Whether it’s an upcoming presentation or a brief message from a sponsor, know mobile users can view these announcements as well.


As you plan your next digital or hybrid event, be sure to consider your mobile strategy. You strategy should include how you’d like to engage with mobile attendees and what feature set you’ll provide to them. When your strategy moves towards implementation, be sure that your technology providers have the capabilities to deliver on your strategy.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao