Why I’m Excited about Social Business TV


Recently, we launched a product offering called Social Business TV (“SBTV”), an online platform for continuing communications programs. We already have clients using Social Business TV for internal communications as well as external communications.

For external communications, organizations are finding it challenging to stand out from the crowd. Social Business TV allows organizations to create content and programming in an always-on community that supports real-time engagement, live presentations, and resources.  Within these communities, quality content drives brand awareness, and can be effective at driving demand for the organization’s products and services.

You Don’t Know Jack (But You Do)

Imagine you are Jack. Jack is enthusiastic about your brand. He buys from your brand, and he eagerly awaits new lines, “likes” posts on Facebook, tweets brand love-notes, and reads your company’s blog. Now, imagine a single destination Jack can visit for all social platform aggregation, content aggregation, and meet other fanatics in a rich-media experience about the brand. It is a marketing vehicle beyond a website. In this space Jack can:

  • Watch Live and On Demand webcasts. Imagine telling the live webcam presenter to turn or move the product a certain way for a better look!  This is individualizing the experience to expand customer appeal.
  • Interact with industry leaders, managers, product managers, designers, watch live content from the fashion floor, and submit questions to speakers.
  • Earn achievements and badges.
  • Accumulate points for prizes and drawings.
  • Play social games.
  • Learn about stores and other brands in specific meeting rooms or booths.
  • Interact 1 to 1 via video/audio/text chats or many to many via group chats within the community in real-time.
  • Download resources, handouts, measurement guides, and other collateral.
  • Upload user-generated content to blogs, visit embedded webpages, and interact on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from a single space.

Folks, this is live, interactive content viewable from smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets so it reaches all audiences. Enterprises, associations, media publishers, educational institutions, and government agencies can all benefit.

How You Get to Know Jack Better (Hint: Data Analytics)

I could ramble on about more capabilities, but the best thing about this community is theadvanced metrics reporting. Reports are available in real-time, 24x7x365 that outline traffic, registration and user data, behavioral, content consumption, social behavior, search results, display ads, game participation, and lead generation reports.

Additional Use Cases

How do we create revenue streams, market share, business models, partnerships, leadership, and brand expansion online while reducing costs? I think Social Business TV is the answer because in addition to consumer channels, other business channels may exist, including:

  • Employee Updates, Recognition, and Awards.
  • Management Updates.
  • Social Responsibility Live.
  • HR Updates.
  • Recruiting.
  • Training & Education.
  • Product Announcements.
  • Best Practices.
  • Supply Chain Updates.
  • Product Training.
  • Sales Meetings, etc.

Request a Social Business TV Pilot Program

It is a unique time for internal communications and marketing communications. They’ll both be drastically transformed as older demographics begin to retire. Social broadcasting is a natural fit for the Millennial generation who will soon make up the majority of the workforce.

In my experience some are jumping on board, but others are afraid of the change. With that said, there are individual challenges from situation to situation that must be evaluated but are easily overcome with the right strategic plan.

Long ramble, but this is my world. I’m connected with all major social platforms and internal-organization platforms. My iPhone is integrated with all e-mail addresses and instant messaging. I have iPad connectivity, use laptops and desktops, and love webcam meetings. I attend doctoral education online, and even tell clients to text message me when in need.  If this is me, at 27, imagine how younger generations approach connectivity to your brand.  It is the future so adapt, evolve, or step aside.

If this strikes a chord in your business mind, give me a call, send a text, or e-mail me. I’m always on!


Post contributed by Matt Goodwin