Why Video Webcasts Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix

VideoWebcastsMarketingMixAs a marketer, every new idea and campaign requires strategy, planning, research and a sprinkle of crossing your fingers and blowing on the dice for success. Starting a new method of outreach to your leads and prospects can be difficult because it involves a certain level of risk. It can be harder to predict your results, and frame up your goals.

However, starting a video webcasting lead generation program is like rolling with dice weighted in your favor. Not that you would ever dream of cheating, but the vast benefits of using video webcasts to engage prospects can give any marketer a piece of mind that their new campaign will be another proven success.

Here are the reasons we have seen time and time again among our clients for why video webcasts are to lead generation what counting cards is to blackjack. Everyone will be asking for your secret!

Videos boost authentic engagement
Video presentations create the feeling of a face-to-face conversation. This allows for a human connection to be built between the presenter and the attendee, which naturally evokes a higher level or engagement and persuasion.

Video builds trust
Compared to other traditional forms of content, video has the ability to show the points rather than just talking to them. For many people, seeing makes believing easier and builds up trust of your product or service. Trust is the foundation for turning a lead into a converted customer.

Google and SEO loves video
People spend more time watching a video rather than breezing through text written on your website. If you host videos on your website, such as through a Video Portal, this will increase the time leads spend on your site, and signal search engines that your site has beneficial content that will boost your ranking. A true win-win-win.

Video can be the greatest teacher
There’s a reason you can find an instructional video for just about anything on YouTube. People have much higher comprehension rates being able to visually see things rather than reading or passively listening. If you want your content to make a lasting impression with your leads, video is the way to go.

Still not convinced? Head over to our INXPO Webcast Portal to watch examples of our video webcasts embedded on our website, or register for our upcoming 13.3 Product Launch to learn more about the new video capabilities of INXPO STUDIO.