With Hybrid Events, Connect the On-Site and Digital Audiences

hybrid events should not forget the virtual audience


The most compelling hybrid virtual events are those that have the best content, of course – but it often takes a bit more than that. For those of us experiencing the hybrid event online (i.e. via a “digital extension”), we not only want to immerse in the content, but we want to interact with the presenters and the people on-site.

I noticed a few posts from the blogosphere that expand upon this point quite well.

Behind the Curtain at PCMA’s EduCon Virtual Extension

In a blog post at PCMA, Mary Reynolds Kane takes us behind the curtain at the virtual extension for PCMA’s Education Conference in San Antonio. Mary’s key takeaway from running the virtual extension was the importance of the audience experience (both on-site and online attendees, that is).

Mary recommends that hybrid event planners “dedicate a voice to the remote audience, someone that can ask questions on their behalf to the speakers and someone that makes sure they are engaged.”

At PCMA’s EduCon, that “voice” was Mary herself, who stationed herself in Jeff Hurt’s session, providing the “glue” between Jeff, the on-site audience and the online audience.

Read Mary’s full post on the PCMA blog.

Who’s Doing Color Commentary for Your Events?

Driving home a similar point over at the Cvent blog, Donna Kastner (@DonnaKastner) recommends that hybrid event planners utilize color commentators to communicate to their digital audience.

A play-by-play announcer is important in describing a sporting contest, but it’s often the color commentator who provides the analysis and interpretation (e.g. what were the factors that caused that great play to unfold).

Read Donna’s full post on the Cvnet blog.

Why Your Hybrid Event Needs a Virtual Emcee

hybrid event nab show virtual view

On our own blog, Matt Goodwin (who’s actually the first gentleman on the right, above) wrote about why hybrid events need a virtual emcee. He discusses how to find the right virtual emcee and how to ensure that your virtual audience is heard.

Read Matt’s words of wisdom on our blog.

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She Knows a Thing or Two About Virtual Emcee

Of course, a list of resources on virtual emcees is incomplete without mention of Emilie Barta (@EmilieBarta). View Emilie’s video, where she shares her thoughts on the virtual emcee role.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao