Would Your Online Event Get The Final Rose?

Marketing Lessons From The Bachelorette
Photo credit: ABC’s The Bachelorette

I must admit that the beginning of our team’s weekly marketing calls lately has involved a quick debrief on who’s our current favorite bachelor and what we can’t believe so-and-so did to JoJo. It got me thinking about what lessons The Bachelorette has taught us about marketing, specifically for online events. I’ve outline the six big online event marketing takeaways I have had from the show, so that you don’t have to feel so guilty about watching this guilty pleasure. It’s helping your online event be successful after all!

  1. First impressions

When you’re competing against 25 other men to date the same girl, first impressions are everything. Take Jordan for example, his good looks and charm gave him the first impression rose, and look how far he’s come to the final two. From initial promotion of your event to the registration page, these details might be miner but they can set the tone of the event. You want to start people out with high expectations for your event, so that they are more likely to spread the word.

  1. Here for the right reasons

We can all thank the producers for forcing JoJo to have a fake interest in Chad for multiple weeks so we could see all the perfectly insane drama that unfolded. He might have looked great credited to his protein shakes and lunch meat intake but was he really there for JoJo? It’s important to remember why you are doing your online event in the first place- it’s all about sharing your content. The content in your event can’t just look good it needs to be engaging, truthful, personable and authentic. All the things JoJo would check off her list.

  1. Cliffhangers

I complain every week about how the show ends on a dramatic twist or cliffhanger, but it’s what keeps me hooked and coming back to tune in every Monday. Leaving people wanting more is a classic trick in The Bachelorette, dating and online events. Create teaser videos for the event or keynote speakers to share on social media, and have lead generation forms for downloading extra content and accessing your program. Cliffhangers can help build anticipation and return a buzz around your event.

  1. Keep it fresh

It’s safe to say this is now season one million of The Bachelor/Bachelorette but it always manages to stay fresh and relevant. The key to this is finding a new twist or angel to spice it up, like new destinations that are always “THE best place in the world to fall in love”. When trying to create content for your online event don’t be afraid to use what you already have. An old whitepaper can be refreshed by making it a webcast or a handout during a presentation. Same goes for speakers, you never know the talent you could find internally.

  1. Community

More than half of the fun of The Bachelorette is being able to talk about the contestants like you really know them. My roommate and I always make a point to watch the show together, and I love chatting with my coworkers about my personal heartbreak over who went home last week. It’s all about the #BachelorNation. Equally important in the success of online events is creating a sense of community. Attendees should be able to communicate through chat and social media to keep them engaged. If you have a hybrid event, connect the virtual and physical attendees through using Second Screen.

  1. Spin-offs

The wait in-between seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette would be much worse if there wasn’t Bachelor In Paradise premiering the day after one season ends! The lesson here is to not let your audience completely go after attending your online event. Keep giving them more and nurturing until the “next season”. This could involve developing your own spin-off or mini program series, or sending them email campaigns and content.


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