Writing the Perfect Webcast Abstract

Writing the perfect webcast abstractThe webcast abstract is the first impression of your webcast. Like flashing your smile from across the room, it needs to be short and sweet, but make an impact.

The most important place to start is with the title of your webcast. The job of the title is to capture the right audience’s attention as well as be SEO friendly to perform well in search engines. If you have a clever title, but it doesn’t include common search words the wit is pointless. Focus more on how it will perform and try to think of things your audience might be searching, and then leave catchiness as a bonus. Pro tip: Google search engines only allow for the first 60 characters of a title to show up so try to make your webcast title match this limit.

After your title is set, don’t forget to take advantage of your subtitle. This can be your opportunity to use more clever language to capture attention, and give a more detailed teaser that you couldn’t fit in your main title.

For the body of your abstract the key is to keep it short and simple. Pick three or four main points from your webcast to highlight in your abstract as the main attraction. The secret formula is to avoid using vague generalities, but don’t give away all the takeaways in your webcast. With three or four points, you can be specific without sharing too much. Bullet points are also an effective tool in an abstract for the viewers that only skim your page.

Getting the right audience to tune in doesn’t stop at the webcast abstract. INXPO’s audience accusation specialists will work with you to create a strategic content marketing framework with promotional tactics, messaging and communications plan. To learn more, visit our services page here or talk to us directly by emailing contactsales@inxpo.com.